Deluxe Expanded Edition The CSS Remix

Feb. 25, 2007*
*Updated March 3

Yeah. So maintaining that the site hasn't been updated since December is a bit of a farce. To start, I've added and/or rerecorded several Slams. I also felt like Gettin' Poetic for the first time in a minute. A major change involves the Soundtrack, where I'll be posting The BC CDC (Compact Disc Collection). You'll find a lot in there, I think. It's in process, and going live as I finish each chunk. Comedy, Pop, R&B/Soul and Soundtracks are currently active in full form, and I've begun attacking the monstrous Hip-Hop section. I'm also likely to reorganize my DVD list the syllogism was becoming too much of a chore when I had to incorporate new additions. Enjoy the update(s) and know that further ones are going to come on a rolling basis.

BCouchTake a Seat and read up if you're bored. Check the DVR Schedule to see what I'm watching on TV. And remember, The Regulars was recently revamped.


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